A Fool-Proof Guide to Finding your Perfect Niche

finding your niche

You’ll hear it time and time again – you need to find the right niche for your business to work.
Immediately you’ll think about what you enjoy and are passionate about – it might be food, sport or business or it could be something as specific as kayaking or fitness equipment.
The thing here, though, is that I can almost guarantee you there are already millions of other people trying to make money from your immediate niche ideas. That’s pretty tough competition, and you don’t want that causing unneeded issues for you.

The second thing about generic niches is that they almost always have really, really large audiences. We already know that you have to cater to your audience very well to have them stick around, but designing, writing and producing content that caters to a huge and widely varied audience is very hard.
You want to make this easy on yourself, right? Right. So you need a niche that’s going to attract your ideal target audience and is simultaneously something you’re going to enjoy and be passionate enough about to run your business effectively.

1: Figure out what you’re good at!

When I say this, I don’t mean what you think you’re good at. You need to be truly honest with yourself here – no one is going to pay you to do something you’re just not really that good at. Everyone has a skill or talent in some way or another.
This should be something that you can do, like ‘writing’ or ‘photography.’ It shouldn’t be something like ‘food.’ You’re not good at food – you like it. We’ll get to that part soon.

2. Find what you’re passionate about

Now we’re going to think about what you like. Take a second to think about what you’re going to be able to do every day for hopefully many years. You shouldn’t pick a fad or a new interest because these things are likely going to lose their appeal quickly.
This might be something like cooking or finance – make it nice and broad so you have a bit of room to vary your content when you create your business.

3. Pick your audience

The thing about business is that many people seem to believe the audience will find you. Incorrect. You need to find your audience. You need to define, very early on, who exactly your target audience is, where they are and how you’re going to connect to them.
You should always try and pick the kind of people you’re going to be able to market to easily – this might be people you enjoy being around or have a good understanding of. It might be ‘single mothers’ or ‘bloggers.’

4. Put it all together!

Now we’re done! If you’ve done it all right, you should have three answers.
If you put all three together you’ve got your niche. If I put together the examples I used in each of the points, I can come up with a business aimed at ‘helping university students juggle the financials of photography,’ or ‘teaching single mothers how to write their own cookbooks.’

If you’ve done this right, you’re going to have figured out your target audience already figured out as well as eliminated a large portion of your competition simply by narrowing down what it is you do. There’re plenty of food blogs out there, but not many are aimed specifically helping single mothers create their own recipe books!
It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3 – you just need to know how!

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