Pinterest Marketing for Small Business in 5 Easy Steps

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If you’ve heard of Pinterest, chances are you think it’s exclusively about food and DIY and you have very little reason to be involved. Yeah, there’s definitely that side of it. However, Pinterest is a growing platform that anyone on the internet should be involved in.

If you’re a business with a web presence (which includes pretty much every business ever) then you might be wondering what it is, how it works and what it’s all about.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is virtually just an online pin board – just like its name suggests. Users can create different boards for different topics and pin content from pretty much anywhere on the internet.

These boards can be followed by others, or you can follow a whole account to follow everything they do.

How does it work?

It works similarly to other social media accounts in that is has a feed, a profile and searchable topics or tags. However, it’s different in that the most popular ‘pins’ or content are mixed with the newer or less frequently pinned content in the feed, which gives you a good mix and ensures you’re not always getting the same content whenever you search.

It’s also different in that content posted on Pinterest has a very long shelf life.
Unlike other social media where users will see content on their feed and pass it and most likely never see it again, content on Pinterest can be continually re-pinned by users forever. This means your content will continually show up on people’s feeds as long as it is being pinned.

It’s also good in that it’s very targeting marketing. If you’ve created a post about how to optimise SEO for your website, everyone who searches for SEO optimisation is your audience and chances are everyone who sees your content will actually want to see it.

What’s the benefit for a business?

When a business signs up for a Pinterest account, you almost automatically get a completely free business account.

This means that any content you post on Pinterest will automatically link to your website, which in turn means that anyone who sees a pin from you can just click once and go directly to the specific page of your website. The same thing happens if other people pin content from your website, such as infographics or images.

Pinterest for business also comes with free analytic services, allowing you to track your most popular pins and content as well as your follower activity at absolutely no cost.

Pinterest is also handy in its one-click purchase system, which they claim to make it even easier than amazon. This means if you have a product you’d like to sell quickly and easily, Pinterest is the place to do it – it’s a very streamlined process.

How do I do it?

Well, Pinterest itself is quite basic so marketing through it isn’t very complicated at all – you just need to follow the basic marketing principals that you’d use anywhere.

Make your Pins Stand Out

It important to make your content stand out on the feed as it is going to have a lot of competition. This means creating pins – visual content – that are appealing to the eye. Of course this means using clear and easily readable text, nice graphics and good colours.

Vertical Pins Win

The next point is that you should always have vertical pins rather than horizontal ones. They take up more space on the board and therefore are more likely to garner attention.

Create Platform Specific Content

You should always create content specifically for Pinterest, too. This means whipping up a quick image to use that includes your title, a relevant image of some sort and a little bit of branding. There’s no point just pinning a photo from your store, blog or whatever it is and just hoping that people understand what it’s about.

Treat Pinterest like a “Social” Network.

If you want to gain a lot of followers, it also important that you’re active and that you’re creating very specialised and interesting boards that will engage your target audience.

For example, if you’ve made a cook book and you’d like to sell it online, you’re probably better off creating a specific board for ‘breakfast recipes’ rather than simply ‘recipes.’ This will mean your audience knows they can always go to your specific board when they’re trying to find something in particular.

So, really, it’s not that hard!

There isn’t much else to say. It’s a very simple, yet very powerful, platform for marketing your online service or product, and it’s absolutely free. Why wouldn’t you?

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