Subscription Box with a Purpose: Blessing Box Launches to Help Those in Need

The subscription box business model has become highly popular with consumers. You can get practically anything delivered to your door via a monthly subscription; from items for your dog, cat and even reptiles; to beauty supplies, nutritional supplements, BBQ supplies and spices; to the perfect gift for your special someone. The concept has been quite successful and offers the subscriber a solution to a problem, whether it be trying to decide on that special gift, sampling the latest spices for your next cookout or coffee with entrepreneurial tips and tools.

Blessing Box hasn’t reinvented the wheel; it has changed the journey.

Malou Habermeyer officially launched Blessing Box on June 24. She began making blessing packages after discovering a project online and has been making them for the homeless for nearly four years now. “I am the type of person that wishes they could give more than just spare change every now and then to someone in need,” Habermeyer said. “I found how time consuming making blessing packages were and thought to myself that maybe if they were easier to come across more people would actually give them out.”

The mission is simple; the impact incredible: provide a package of useful, thoughtful and caring items for the customer to give someone in need. As a subscription box, the customer sets aside one time every month to do something selfless.


“The journey has been really fun but stressful,” she said. Habermeyer didn’t look to investors or partners to execute on her idea. She invested “all of my own money, so the risk of getting no return is big and something the weighs on me. I am very focused though and know that with the right business decisions, Blessing Box will grow.”

The launch hasn’t been without challenges. “My challenge has been knowing when to go for things and when to wait. For example, while building inventory, a huge investment went into purchasing all the items. I had to just go for it otherwise I would have never gotten the ball rolling. Now I am really glad i just bought everything because I have been making boxes and everyone loves them!”
Advice for those out there considering starting up a business?  Yes, she has some. “Realize that there will be a few surprises along the way,” she said, “some good and some bad, but keep going!”

So what exactly is Blessing Box?

Blessing Box  is a monthly subscription box packed with hygiene essentials and healthy food for you to give to a homeless person or someone in need. Keep it in your car or in your bag, and hand it out when you feel the opportunity is right. The cost is only $10 plus shipping.

The contents include a nutritious bar, Ramen noodles, crackers, nuts, raisins, mint, crystal light, Advil, Band-aids, cleaning wipes, a bar of soap, lotion, wisp toothbrushes, and a hair comb. “It is specially curated with love for a homeless person,” she said.

You can subscribe to Blessing Box via and be sure to follow on social media and be on the look out for special offers and coupons that you can use after you subscribe. And don’t forget to share with your friends. Together we can make a difference in the lives of others.



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