The Best Super Bowl 51 Ads — So Far

The Best Super Bowl 51 Ads -- So Far
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The Super Bowl is fast approaching, and you know what that means — the best ads of 2017 are beginning to roll out.

For all those less interested in the sport and more in the festivities, you've come to the right place. From Joe Flacco the “party pooper” to DJ Khaled the “personal trainer,” these celebrity-infused ads are hilarious, witty and top-notch. For many companies, Super Bowl ads are an opportunity to change how their brands are perceived — in fact, nearly 40 percent of people say that these ads have the power to do that, according to data by ad network MGID.

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So before we see the Pats take on the Falcons on Feb. 5, take a look at some of the best Super Bowl ads released so far.

1. Pepsi

Every Super Bowl party has a party pooper. In Pepsi's new ad, professional football player and “former party pooper” Joe Flacco address a very serious issue: party pooping. But for all you party poopers turning down the music or using a selfie stick — there’s hope … thanks to Tostito’s and Pepsi. “Go from ‘not him again’ to top of the guest list,” with these tasty products, Flacco says.

Flacco gets emotional as he recalls his party pooping past, but he offers a solution to all those out there with the similar issue.

2. Skittles

In a cliche story about “young love,” Skittles takes on Super Bowl 51. To get “Katie’s” attention, a teenage boy throws Skittles at her bedroom window in the middle of the night. Katie, her parents, her grandmother, a robber and even a cop take turns catching the Skittles in their mouths. Sounds odd — but Skittles gets some brownie points for cleverness.

3. TurboTax

Who knew a tax commercial could be so entertaining? TurboTax’s Super Bowl ads feature a number of celebrities such as Kathy Bates, DJ Khaled and David Ortiz. In one ad, Kathy Bates has just moved into a new home, which appears to be haunted by creepy children. She contacts TurboTax through its app to ask if she can claim them as dependents. In the next ad, baseball star and “tennis coach” David Ortiz appears to be hitting tennis balls — but his swing is so hard the balls end up cracking windows, disrupting weddings and even breaking his tennis rackets. He consults the TurboTax app to see if these “business” expenses are covered. In the third sequence of ads, DJ Khaled has launched a personal training program in his crazy-fancy mansion where a group of people run on a golden treadmill. He too consults the app to see if these luxurious amenities he calls “business expenses” are tax-deductible.

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4. Lexus

As a sleek car company, Lexus stays true to its reputation with its Super Bowl 51 commercial titled “Man and Machine.” The ad, which isn’t too wow-worthy, features dancer Lil Buck showing off his moves around a 2017 Lexus LC model to Sia’s song “Move Your Body.” After a minute of dancing, a woman’s voice — which happens to be Minnie Driver's — introduces the new model.

5. Wix

Wix is participating in its third Super Bowl this year, revealing an action-packed ad that takes place in a restaurant called Chez Felix. While a man (played by Jason Statham) and a woman (played by Gal Gadot) seem to be causing havoc in the restaurant, the owner, Felix, is completely oblivious because he’s too focused on putting together his Wix website.

6. Intel

Watch football stud Tom Brady brush his teeth and flip pancakes in Intel’s Super Bowl 51 commercial. These simple actions look epic — in part because of Intel's new 360 feature … but mainly because of Tom Brady.

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Can’t get enough? Don’t worry — the commercial has a replay.

7. Squarespace

Squarespace is making its fourth Super Bowl appearance this year. In its new spot, actor John Malkovich attempts to create his personal website at only to find that the URL is already taken. Angered, the actor types an email to this other John Malkovich.

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